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bookmark3.5 /10
team - unknown
mvp - no
idea - usual
competitors - many
market - #Communication #Platform
Jun 22nd 2018
in 2 days
Jul 22nd 2018
in a month

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Recup is a decentralized system of mass communication, where the strict algorithm of the system forbids anyone to interfere with personal freedom of speech. The text you create is built into the chain chain of the Recup network, which allows you to store and move the information value. The traditional system includes storing information on monitored servers that can be susceptible to both network attacks (hacking) and to humans (removing servers and accessing your data). The Recup network is decentralized, which allows you to remain confidential and your data protected. Range of network capabilities from storage and transfer of information to the organization and management of decentralized companies


Mark Chumakov


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