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Aug 7th 2017
a year ago
Oct 7th 2017
9 months ago

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REcoin is a new cryptocurrency powered by blockchain technology offering stability and a superior alternative to storing savings in the form of a major currency.

All of the funds initially raised with REcoin and 83% of its value mined from the next 50 years of its emission are invested into real estate in some of the most stable countries/economies in the world.

Cryptocurrencies such as REcoin are digital currencies which use cryptography for their security. They are difficult to counterfeit as a result. They are not susceptible to government or central bank manipulation.

Confidence in cryptocurrencies and their popularity has grown tremendously in the past decade since Bitcoin was first launched in 2009.


Maksim Zaslavskiy
CEO, Founder
Alex Moiseienko
Marketing Jedi Master
Eugene Salitrynskiy
Development Team Lead


Aleksandr Driga
Marketing and Legal Advisory
Victoria Volovick
Marketing Advisory


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