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Sep 7th 2017
10 months ago
Oct 31st 2017
9 months ago

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REALT: $100bn Rental Market on Cryptocurrency

REALT create a rental marketplace based on cryptocurrency. Payments are in REALT tokens. No commission, no currency conversion fees, no service charges. No middleman. Just a smart contract. Full value for guests and hosts. Global REALT marketplace will include advertising services for all types of real estate, evolving to millions of for-sale and rental listings. REALT tokens will be used to pay for services.

How it works: More value for money

At the moment major property introduction platforms are charging high fees for rentals (currency conversion fees, service charges, host service fees, guest service fees, etc.), and that in addition to possible debit/credit card fees. Those costs won't be needed any longer. Payments are in REALT tokens. REALT tokens can be also used to pay for advertising services for all types of property.


Providing the marketplace for real estate rentals, property listings and advertising services based on REALT tokens, Realt Ltd aims to support market freedoms and direct payments without middleman and fees, to promote values and technologies of the cryptocurrencies community, and to deliver it to people globally.


REALT marketplace removes the traditional fees whilst retaining the value of the transaction for everyone involved. Various supplementary real estate services will be used on REALT marketplace to expand the usage of tokens.


Realt Ltd was established in June 2013 in London with the intention to contribute in innovative IT services development for the global property market. Realt co-founders are working in IT industry from 1995, building software products for transnational corporations and real estate market companies (Morgan Stanley bank, BP oil major, Nordea bank, national real estate portal, each having over 20 years of IT experience. Effective combination of expertise and experience of co-founders will allow Realt Ltd to deliver a high quality product. Our CEO has 10+ years of experience in trading software development for banks and financial organizations. Our CMO has 10+ years of experience in developing and supporting property portal and real estate websites.

Token sale

REALT ICO starts on 7 September 2017. Platform: Ethereum, ERC20 Token Standard. Total supply: 100,000,000 REALT tokens (RLT). First sale supply: 5,000,000 RLT. First sale bonus rate: 1 ETH → 520 RLT (+30%). First sale soft cap: 4,000 ETH. Second sale supply: 15,000,000 RLT. Second sale bonus rate: 1 ETH → 480 RLT (+15%). Final sale supply: 25,000,000 RLT. Final sale regular rate: 1 ETH → 400 RLT.

Funds Allocation

Our highest priority is product development, together with digital marketing and efficient technical infrastructure. The team also pay great attention to customer service and seamless operation, and reliable legal support. A certain amount of funds is reserved for external services, which can be valuable for the project development.


Realt Ltd was established in June 2013 in London with the intention to contribute in innovative IT services development for the property market with full range of advertising tools and advanced marketing campaigns. The company was registered in England with the company number 8574524 and the registered office is at 97 Friars Mead, London, E14 3JY. Realt Ltd has successfully registered REALT trademarks in the United Kingdom (IPO UK00003042179) and the European Union (CTM 012099172) to protect its assets in the company’s legal jurisdictions, whilst providing its services globally.


The REALT team believe that the global market is ready for a new marketplace that allows people to exchange value through real estate services with minimal and transparent transaction fees. Blockchain-based tokens and smart contracts will introduce unparalleled freedom and flexibility to all parties of the property market.


Kirill Sherman
Co-founder, CEO
Oleg Razdzialouski
Co-founder, CMO


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