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Aug 1st 2017
a year ago
Sep 29th 2017
10 months ago

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About Reality Clash

Reality Clash is an augmented Reality FPS combat game available on iPhone and Android and it’s free to play! - A new revolutionary gameplay - No attachments or add-ons - Uses the phone’s camera, presenting an augmented reality picture on the phones screen Real world buildings have an impact on gameplay - Connect to friends in real-time using geo map technology - Join private teams and tournaments or go full-out street combat mode - Trade and sell your weapons through the Reality Clash platform or secondary markets for money - Speculate on weapons and become a virtual arms dealer

How Does It Work

Train and grow as a Reality Clash player, facing and fighting against enemies in their local environment. - Familiar places are now your battle fields The people in your surroundings are either your allies or enemies - Build you own headquarters - Build defenses - Set up battles in real life environments - 2 player or full tournament team mode


Morten Rongaard
Tony Pearce
Torben Majgaard
Paul Mottram
Lead Developer
Ben Hebb
Excutive producer
Ella Romans
Head Producer


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