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team - unknown
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competitors - many
market - #mining #crypto
Mar 19th 2018
2 months ago
Apr 2nd 2018
2 months ago

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You may be struggling with Mining for a long time or you may have just started. The first problem of those who are interested in Mining is that they don't know where to start. At first, different experiments are done according to each learned knowledge. Mostly these experiments did fail.

The first step of our project is to create a system that will analysis and research the market in this chaos. There are many coins available. We need to find those whill will profit. We will analyze all coins that can be mined with the analysis and research system to be developed. The total amount is analyzed with the options such as the amount of money to be provided according to the amount listed.Miners in the light of this system according to their own system to determine the most profitable mining do.

Another step of the Project is to create a mining pool. The mining pool will make analysis and direct to the profitable coins. The miners will be able to reach to maximum efficiency without losin any time with the right equipment, that they have. RAM token owners will profit from the system without any commission.

Then main goal is to create an ASİC farm. Some of the net incomes of the ASİC farm will be distributed to the RAM owners. With the remaining incomes, we will continue to develope the ASİC farm. Thus increasing the difficulty level  will not be a problem for the system. Even if the difficulty increases, because of the develepment of the ASİC farm, the earnings will increase too.

At the moment, 60% of income from ASIC farm is calculated to be distributed to RAM token partners. This number can be increased according to the operation of the system.

RAM token partners need to register to the system in order to benefit from it. Payments will be only made to the registered Ethereum account. There is no limit for it. Accounts belonging to the stock exchange will be kept out of the system.

Calculation of earnings: The daily income from the ASIC farm is kept separately. At the end of each day, the total net income is calculated. 60% of the income is allocated to be distributed.

Also at the end of the day, the RAM token data of the users registered in the system will be collected. The 60% gain is divided by the number of tokens included in the system. Each RAM token earns its share based on the RAM token owned by the partners.

The lowest limit for payment is calculated to 20 $. İt can be changed according to the development of the application and the request of RAM token owners.

After the 60% of the gain obtained is distributed, the remaining 40% gain is added to the system. Thus, the system gains more power every day.

The other goal of our project is to create a power plant working with wind and solar energy that we can produce our own energy. 25% of mining income goes to electricity cost Crypto mining will use all the electricity produced in the world in 2020 if it develops rapidly. As a result, after a while, mining farms will start to sell more expensive electricity prices. This will also decrease the profit rate rapidly. the distressed countries may even banning the formations such as mining farms. If we think long term, it is more advantageous to produce electricity that will be needed for ASIC farm. It is inevitable to establish a power plant to be affected by disturbances such as electricity price or production problem. It will increase.


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