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team - mid-level team
mvp - no
idea - usual
competitors - many
market - #RealEstate #Platform
Apr 22nd 2018
3 months ago
Jun 22nd 2018
a month ago

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Quarteria is a real estate ICO on the NEO platform which aims to take a bite out of the global market.
Its end game is being able to rent, lease or sell real estate through cryptocurrency or regular fiat.
Stakers, so called QuartMasters, don't get a regular rate of interest as per usual, but instead are rewarded for solving disputes between two parties (buyers and sellers, tenants and renters etc.). To take part in the decision making process they need to stake their XQT and when they vote along with the majority, the losing voters' XQT is divided amongst them. This makes for a very low energy consumption staking model and motivates QuartMasters to vote the right way.
Lawyers, notaries and other professionals can get themselves upgraded to Verified QuartMasters through supplying the proper documentations and bringing this to a vote before general QuartMasters.


Michael Misiti
Matteo Cannavera
Teddy Haggerty
Mia Vissichelli
Community Lead
Vlad Litvinchuk
M. Uzun
David Schemmerling
Juan Carlos Ruiz


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