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team - good team 

mvp - no 

idea - interesting 

competitors - low 

market - #aircleaning

Nov 24th 2017
6 months ago
Dec 6th 2017
6 months ago

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7M people die every year due to air pollution 💨 - PUREAir Coin (em)powers the hardware and the software to eliminate outdoor air pollution in cities. 


Air Bastion is a platform where three personas come. Sponsors (usually corporations), governments and citizens. All of them play different roles, but the baseline is they all interact in the platform for different reasons to create and power the cleaning of the air.


Transactions in Air Bastion provide with funds to rapid machine development (and later on) deployment - Pure Air Industries collects part of the funds (the other part powers Air Bastion) and deploys them towards units to clean open air in cities.



Isaac Ramonet
CEO - Software engineer
Adel Djebbar
Manager & Mechanical engineer
Jamie Young
Mechanical Engineer
Oliver Grange
Electrical Engineer


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