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Dec 1st 2017
8 months ago
Jan 15th 2018
6 months ago

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POLYMERIUM is a brand of auto chemical goods and engine oils, we have 1 factory in Russia and we’ve produced chemicals since 2015 and since the beginning of 2016 we’ve started to make engine oil. We’ve created engine oil with a tiny investment in this project. At this point we had a turnover of 300k dollars per month. Our motor oil have become very popular,so now they are sold in 4 countries, more than in 70 cities. Immediately after the start of production in 2015, we decided to design and implementation the system of protection against forgery.


Сounterfeit products is a big problem in the market of motor oils. We have created a system of protection against forgery ARMPACK that has been running for 2 years and proved its efficiency. Most customers appreciate us for the guarantee of a quality product. We have received many requests from other manufacturers of different products who would like to use our system. In addition to the current experience we have other projects that we have successfully implemented. We're not dreamers, we are a team whose thoughts are focused on increasing sales, scaling, and an increase in all indicators.

Now we have two main problems we want to solve with the help of ICO:

    1. We don't have enough private investment to cover the demand for engine oils and send our products for export to other countries(We already have requests from India, China, Thailand, South Korea and some European countries). Loan and private investors — it's too bad conditions, which can destroy our company(In Russia interest on loans is very big). Private investors want too much and will interfere to work and bring down our course.


  1. Our system of protection against forgery can be implemented on the blockchain technology. Now we want to use our experience and best practices and create one of the world's best systems of protection against forgery based on blockchain technology. We already have potential customers waiting from us the finished product. In addition to the development we need investment in marketing

The essence of the projec:

We have tried to explain briefly and clearly why we need investment and what for is needed a token POLYMERIUM (PLM)

    1. The first part of the investment will go to construction of a large factory in Russia, which will allow us to reduce the cost of production, to cover the demand of the local market and to start shipping products for export. At the moment, we have already begun to use the power of third-party production, because our own was not enough.


    1. The second part will be spent on the development of the franchise network worldwide. We will create a special Department within our company that will help anyone from any country to open a mini-replica of our production and start to produce and sell products under the brand POLYMERIUM in the local market. Thus, we will take the expansion to all countries with a population of 3-5 ml of person. Our franchisees with our technology and our raw materials will be able to provide the cheapest and high-quality engine oil to local buyers. All production will be tightly controlled by our quality Department. All franchisees will purchase raw materials for production only we have.


  1. The third part will go to the development of a system of protection against forgery ARMPACK. Recall that the system has been working for 2 years and protects our own products. The system will be implemented on a blockchain technology with the use of decentralized servers which stores the one-time security codes and information about each product. Our system ARMPACK will be in demand all over the world.


All funds collected beyond the required amount will be used to increase the volume of raw materials for the franchisee, the development of marketing, to increase sales and recognition ARMPACK system.

POLYMERIUM token will be in demand due the possibility of payment of our company's products. Also POLYMERIUM token will be accepted for payment of licenses and other services in the system ARMPACK without any commissions

All holders of POLYMERIUM tokens every month will receive 30% of the company's profit.

Also we will send 30% profit on the purchase token POLYMERIUM on exchanges to support the exchange rate(if the token will be traded on exchanges above the level of 25$ we will not send part of the profit on the purchase PLM token)


Developer, specialist in block-chain technology and crypto-currencies




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