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May 31st 2017
a year ago
Jul 6th 2017
a year ago

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With the support of global banking experts and renowned tech veterans, Polybius aspires to build a comprehensive banking solution for all. Polybius Bank will combine features of modern banking, IoT, Big Data and Blockchain-based technologies while also meeting security and UX requirements. The Digital Pass technology, developed by HashCoins and implemented into Polybius Bank, will serve as an automation and digitalization ecosystem, allowing us to not only integrate single companies, but entire industries enabling access to financial and industrial services in the same Pass, at a click’s hand. Polybius financial services will be fully interconnected with international systems to respond to the transaction needs of our customers worldwide.

Polybius Bank will operate on the principles of an Open API, employing reputable innovations and services within the framework of payment and data processing industry. The activities of the Polybius Bank will be developed on an incremental basis investing the capital according to the development of the customer base and with the objective of maximizing the capital versus revenues ratio. By providing the infrastructure for system-to-system communications, Polybius Foundation will act as a Trustee service and will be responsible for the control and execution of compliance-related directives. Designed to comprehend a variety of networks, the infrastructure of Polybius Foundation features a multi-segment decentralised data storage for personal data, cryptographic encryption of all entries and secure mechanisms of identification, authentication and authorisation of individuals and companies by means of the interconnected instruments.


Ivan Turygin
Founder, Business Development, Chairman, HashCoins OÜ
Sergei Potapenko
Founder, Business Development, CEO, HashCoins OÜ
Nikolay Pavlovskiy
Blockchain Engineering, CTO, HashCoins OÜ
Vitali Pavlov
Production Management, Chief Product Officer, HashCoins OÜ
Renna Reemet
Development, Lead Developer, HashCoins OÜ
Edgar Bers
Public Relations, Business Development Manager, HashCoins OÜ
Ivan Zahharenko
Corporate Banking, Business Development Executive, HashCoins OÜ
Tatjana Potapova
Finance, CFO, HashCoins OÜ
Andrei Veressov
Legal, Attorney at Law, Bright Law Firm
Andrey Zamovskiy
Blockchain Engineering, Ethereum Architect, CEO, Ambisafe, Inc
Oleksii Matiiasevych
Blockchain Engineering, Ethereum Architect, Smart contracts engineer, Ambisafe, Inc
Kseniia Raietska
Project Management, Project Manager, Executive Assistant, Ambisafe, Inc


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