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Foxico कि blockchain विशेषज्ञों और निवेशकों से सबसे भरोसेमंद ICOS रेटिंग के साथ आईसीओ आचरण परियोजनाओं के सबसे पूरी सूची है. Foxico मदद से आप निवेश के बारे में त्वरित निर्णय करने के लिए एक गहन परियोजना विश्लेषण प्रदान करता है!

team - good team 

mvp - yes

idea - usual

competitors - many

market - #marketing

दिस. १७ २०१७
८ महीने पहले
समाप्त होता है
मार्च ४ २०१८
५ महीने पहले

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PM7 – is decentralized innovative affiliate marketing platform, designed to radically change the advertising world for online and offline projects.
The main idea of the platform is to reduce the distance between the creators of advanced projects and their customers, eliminating mediation of advertising, marketing and PR agencies and allow all participants in this process to create progressive and world-changing technologies.


Sergei Krokhmal
Co-founder and CEO
Dominic Melo
Co-founder, Finansial Expert
Vadym Yevtushenko
Co-founder, CTO
Nataliia Zaitseva
Operations Manager, Full Stack Developer
Danil Krokhmal
Full Stack Developer
Mykola Kazakov
Blockchain Developer, Java Developer
Alexander Mokrousov
Blockchain Developer, Scala Java Developer
Maxim Ovcharenko
IT infrastructure Engineer, UNIX Architect, Dev-Ops Engineer, Python Developer
Kirill Mukha
Mobile Developer
Alex Mashkov
Legal Expert


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