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team - good team
mvp - yes
idea - usual
competitors - some
market - #Infrastructure #Platform #Exchange
Jun 15th 2018
6 days ago
Aug 1st 2018
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Ecosystem, where financial assets and crypto assets, meet hedge funds

Platform represents a multilayered system that consolidates two markets – real assets and crypto-currencies.
Side-chain approach gives an opportunity to use the benefits of classic blockchain bypassing the commonly-used but slow chain thereby scaling computing, that decreases the cost and speeds up transactions.
Ensuring the requirements of cost, speed and security of transactions on leger it’s necessary to move on to side chain concept. That is why in our solution we will use Lightning Network for performing transactions of Bitcoin Network and Raiden Network, solution for working with Ethereum network.
United Lightning and Raiden will give the opportunity to perform atomic exchange operations between Bitcoin and Ethereum Token ERC-20(827).
Token of the system will be realized with the use of improvement suggestions (ERC-827), that adds extra functions: return of randomly sent tokens, double gas economy and support for the transfer of additional data.


Ivan Alekseev
Founder, CEO
Rinat Latypov
Digital Marketing Strategist
Andrey Zolin
Chief Technical Officer
Alexander Ivanov
Chief Information Officer
Andrey Lyashenko
Pavel Tivikov
Chief Operating Officer
Liuaza Etezova
Software Architect
Gulnara Galeeva
Chief Marketing Officer
Alexey Dobrusin
PR Strategist
Yulia Nazarova
Marketing Expert


Sergey Simanovsky
Michael Tan


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