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bookmark8 /10
team - strong team
mvp - yes
idea - interesting
competitors - some
market - #advertising
Jan 20th 2018
6 months ago
May 14th 2018
2 months ago

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Pingvalue is a people-centric open platform that innovates the current socio-economic model by enabling relevant and trustworthy interactions/transactions between people and businesses/institutions:

    For people: A Smart Personal Agenda and Digital Wallet. Relevant recommendations when and where they are needed, together with trustworthy transactions.

    For businesses: A One-Stop Shop Management Solution. Know your customers better through digital interactions (Spot your Audience),

    and attract them to the physical stores/places with relevant communication (Spot your Target).

    For institutions: A Smart Urban Panel. Brand your city, engage with citizens and visitors & co-create smart neighborhoods (smarthoods).

Pingvalue Solutions:

Thanks to Pingvalue and Pingspots (=Pingvalue Wifi hotspots), businesses and institutions can understand better who their customers are and what they are looking for, being able to interact with the right people at the right time and place, and to measure concrete results.

The goal of this ICO is to create innovative advertising models where our utility token Pingcoin (PCO) is used in order to:


    Rent advertising space on Pingspots to reach a relevant audience based on smart data

    Reward businesses owning Pingspots with a share of the revenue derived from advertising (40%)

    Reward users sharing adverts with the community, bringing new customers (20% of revenue)

    Reward users for bringing Pingspot owners/advertisers on the Pingvalue platform

    Purchase smart data on consumer profiles and interests

    Benefit from discounts on products and services


Luciano Scartorchia
Jo Peeters
Jose Antonio Orallo Vuelta
Mario Recinella
Business Developer
Ron van Casand
General Manager PV Holland
Tommaso Grimaldi
European Affairs
Christoph van Ochten
Art Director
Jose Francisco Amorós Flor
SEO/SEM Specialist
Marco Mentucci
Marketing Coordinator
Nicoletta Rizzi
Communications Manager
Pascual Sánchez Juan
Torquil Harkness
Technical Marketing Lead
Verónica García Díez
Adrián Chaves Fernández
Data Extraction
Alejandro Compañy García
Android Developer
Alicia Alcalde Ávila
QA Engineer
Antonio Llorens Arias
iOS Developer
Carlos Fernández López
iOS Developer
Carlos Pérez Sánchez
Backend Developer
Daniel Ferrández Sánchez
Android Developer
Fernando López Rodríguez
Data Scientist
Jesús Mañogil Fernández
José Antonio Serra Pérez
José León Serna
Technical Lead
Juan Antonio Caballero Medrano
Frontend Developer
Juan Antonio Cid Tomás
QA Manager
Juan José Alfocea Marín
Android Developer
Julien Tardy
Frontend Developer
Mario Sevilla Montoya
iOS Developer
Rafael Sellés Vizcaíno
Backend Developer
Pablo Mateos Ibañez
Backend Developer
Jorge Guijarro


Marco Houwen
Jed Grant
CEO Peermountain
Videa Mike
Antonio Cantalapiedra


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