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Oct 20th 2017
7 months ago
Jan 20th 2018
4 months ago

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“PINDIFY” the arts & media platform that is primed to revolutionize the music world by using the Blockchain to protect the digital rights & payments of musicians and other artists.


The use of Blockchain technology could not have come sooner as musicians and their fans sign up to Pindify in their thousands.


Global brands like Spotify, Sony and Universal are lining up to take advantage of the unique market place system developed by Pindify.


The direct-to-consumer market platform has captured the attention of major international artists who see the scope and potential to protect their work while securing revenues directly from their fan base.


The business model is perfect for today’s social marketing culture. Musicians join Pindify and bring their fans.


Check the market place here:


The Pindify Ambassador Program is creating a viral ripple effect across the music world as artists and their fans share in the revenues generated.


With tens of millions of members expected to join within the next 12 months, Pindify has struck gold with its use of smart contracts, blockchain technology and feature rich market place.


As Pindify scales up and goes global, the team are already planning a listing on the NYSE.


Pindify has issued an Ethereum Smart Contract based token, named PINDEX (PDI).


I thought I could share this with you; please see more about this opportunity below:


Main token sale: they are going to sell 78% of all tokens (PDI 255,000,000) with a purchase bonus based on blocks:


Block 1 (50,000,000 PDI): 1 Eth per 800 PDI – 25% Bonus

Block 2 (50,000,000 PDI): 1 Eth per 700 PDI – 20% Bonus

Block 3 (50,000,000 PDI): 1 Eth per 600 PDI – 15% Bonus

Block 4 (50,000,000 PDI): 1 Eth per 500 PDI – 10% Bonus

Main sale close date: 20th Of January 2018

Pindex Token CrowdSale Website:

Pindify Website:



Bonus for private investors: Bonus of up to 80%, up to a cap of $50 million.

Minimum Buy: 10 BTC / 100 ETH


What is Pindify all about?


Pindify is a marketplace for musicians and their fans. Where the musicians and the artists can build portfolios on the Blockchain. Some of the features are:


  1. A fully secured platform, for both musicians and fans.
  2. A quick, easy and intuitive search function.
  3. A built-in wallet for artists and musicians.
  4. A full featured back-office system for portfolio management.
  5. Fan management with communication tools.
  6. Multi musician’s playlists.
  7. Social Community.
  8. Apps for Android & IOS.
  9. Membership level upgrades.
  10. Merchant tools (online store).
  11. Ambassador program.
  12. Pindex tokens can be used on the platform.


The platform is truly pioneering in the way it utilizes Blockchain technology, to protect musicians and artiste’s digital rights. The competitive advantage is already attracting global brands like Spotify, Sony, and Universal Records.


Value for fans and artistes:


Pindify can deliver a great experience, for both Artistes and Fans:


  1. The artistes have a secure platform to create and sell their portfolios to fans, the artistes bring their fan base into the platform, where they can manage, communicate and promote. Creators & Artists work or content is secured on the Blockchain as full rights of ownership.
  2. Fans can enjoy a more direct experience with their favorite artiste, easily discovering new artists and their work. Members can upgrade to higher value subscription packages, giving them full access to all the features and functions on offer. Upgraded members have access to exclusive content.


Business model:


The Pindify business model is built on subscription, membership packages and profit sharing:


  1. Fan subscriptions starting at $11.00 per month.


  1. Artists membership fees. Ranging from $25 to $75 per month


  1. Trading. 10% of all merchandise, pay per view, downloads, ticket sales.


  1. Funding. Crowd funding, bookings, fan investments. 10%


  1. Branding & marketing revenue share. 15%


  1. Sponsored Promotions and advertising across the platform. 100% revenue.


ICO Whitepaper:


E-mail for investor inquiries:




With decades of experience in the music business, the team has direct access to the movers, shakers and power players around the world.


  • Christoffer Wallin. Founder and Chief Executive Officer. Chris had the vision and drives to create Pindify. As a performing artist and developer, he knew what the industry needed and delivered.


  • Johan Lindgren. Chief Operation officer. Formerly with Universal and Sony, Johan has 30 years’ experience in the music business.


  • Tomas Wallin. Chief Financial Officer. With decades of experience as a business administrator and CFO, Tomas has worked in media, communications and hospitality.


  • Pavlo Shabat. Chief Technical Officer. Pavlo heads the developer team. With 17 years’ experience as a top developer, Pavlo has managed several large-scale projects.


  • Oskar Gillström. Chief Commercial officer. Oskar brings years of experience as a commercial ambassador in the public and private sector. Oskar has developed the Pindify Ambassador Program.


  • Sebastian Uddén. Chief Investment Officer. With a senior management background in investments, wealth management and funds, Sebastian has vast experience in multiple asset classes.


  • Mikael Friberg. Chief Marketing Officer. As creative director and head of marketing, Mikael brings knowledge and skills gained over years working in the entertainment industry.


Product update:


  • New back-office management system for artistes is being integrated.
  • Just integrated lightning fast portfolio loading.
  • Mobile apps upgraded to be more compatible and faster.
  • The crypto-currency payment gateway is being integrated.
  • Live streaming feature is being upgraded.



Christoffer Bolinder Wallin
Chief Executive Officer


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