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Dec 17th 2017
7 months ago
Jan 24th 2018
6 months ago

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PECULIUM,​ ​the​ ​first​ ​AI​ ​powered​ ​savings​ ​platform​ ​over​ ​blockchain​ 

ICO​ ​starts​ ​on​ ​Dec​ ​17th

PECULIUM ​is the first Crypto-Savings platform that combines traditional savings, blockchain

technology, cryptocurrency, and artificial intelligence. PECULIUM allows you to invest and grow

traditional savings in cryptocurrency based projects. It operates transparently over the Ethereum

blockchain by means of “smart contracts”. PECULIUM has created an ERC20 standard compliant

token called Pecul​ ​(PCL​) to interact with the platform.

What differentiates PECULIUM from traditional investment management? The Peculium platform

secures your tokens in electronic wallets which are supervised by the blockchain - a network governed

by computer algorithms. That brings us to another key component of PECULIUM,​ the AIEVE​.

AIEVE is PECULIUM’s own Artificial Intelligence engine powered by Automated Machine Learning

(AML). AIEVE is in its alpha stage of development. with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP​) on the

horizon. AIEVE gathers data from cryptocurrency exchanges, financial markets, and many other

sources like social media including twitter, facebook, etc. AIEVE analyzes these massive data-streams

in near-real time to predict the best investment opportunities in cryptocurrency markets and ICOs.

AIEVE brings the power of big data analytics to the traditional savings invested in the cryptocurrency

markets, providing security as well as growth. AIEVE advises our clients or manages their investments

via smart contracts.

The strength of AIEVE lies in its AML algorithms and massive computational power. It utilizes these

elements to process the aforementioned data and analyze the targeted markets, adapting and

optimizing its decisions with every new bit of information in a way no human can (or entire groups, firms

or other big financial institutions for that matter). Another not so obvious strength of AIEVE is that its

analytical prowess, adaptability, and optimization are limitless. Thanks to the unending data streams in

today’s digital world, AIEVE​ keeps learning and improving with each passing moment!

The PCL token will have an initial price of 0.01€ during the ICO. Through the ICO, we aim to raise

enough funds to cover future development costs, establish a guarantee fund and implement our

roadmap. The ICO participants will be able to benefit from bonuses up to 35%. ICO investors will also

be able to subscribe to the First Solidus Contract specifically developed for them with special lifetime

benefits. Furthermore, they will enjoy 20% of Peculium’s annual profits.


PECULIUM ​is the crystallization of the values, vision, and dreams of a global team with years of

practical and professional experience in finance, data science, automated machine learning, and more.

With CEO Rachid Oukhai​, the team Peculium firmly believes in bridging traditional savings and the

trinity of blockchain, big data, and AIEVE​.

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