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team - small team
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idea - usual
competitors - many
market - #Platform
Apr 16th 2018
3 months ago
Jul 15th 2018
3 days ago

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PayPortal is a privately-owned company, established under the Indian laws in 2011 by experts with more than two decades of experience in the international payment services industry. It is a payment solution company with expertise in mobile recharges, utility bill payments and money transfer. PayPortal’s centralized platform connects service providers including banks, mobile operators, digital TV operators and utility companies with the public through a wallet. 

Our mission is to offer top-notch electronic payment solutions to our customers across the value chain. We consistently work towards making a difference in the daily life of our end users by providing seamless services, ease of use through a single window payment option and complete customer satisfaction.

The concept of blockchain is bringing a revolution to the financial services industry globally and PayPortal is also evolving itself around this technology. Server decentralization, a key aspect of this technology will keep wallet data safe in case of hardware failure or hacking attacks. PayPortal has now become a pioneer amongst its peers by implementing a cross border money transfer service based on block chain to provide ease of money transfers between Indian migrants living abroad and their families in home country. With our advanced experience in domestic money transfers, we will be ensuring the fast and safe international transfers through our own block chain and crypto currency PPTL Coin. The PPTL coins will be internationally acceptable as a means of payment and will be convertible into Indian rupees for the final leg of transaction.

Our company operates on bedrock of innovation, long term partnerships and customer focus; leveraging our expertise and experience to ensure the success of the entire system comprising of operators, consumers, merchants and dealer networks, financial institutions and infrastructure providers. We work towards creating a win-win for all our stakeholders and maximize benefits for them through decreased transaction costs, reduced risks in the payments chain and dramatically reduced payment time.


alexandr shishlov
Director and Co-Founder
Alok Yadav
Yadhvendra Singh
Head of Business and Alliances
Pavel Bannikov
Head of research and development
Timur Abdulkarimov
Head of analytics
Michael E. Bryant
Chairman of the Advisory Board


Simon Cocking
Daniel Heller
Irina Travina


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