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bookmark6.5 /10
球队 - 好的队伍
mvp - 没有
理念 - interesting
竞争对手 - 一些
市场 - #Entertainment #Games
5月 15日 2018
7 天前

6月 1日 2018
10 天内

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Parsec Frontiers is a deep and feature-rich space MMO experience built from the ground up with blockchain in mind, where players are free to explore and conquer the whole galaxy. Built with the players - owned by the players, changing the way computer games are funded and developed.


Henning Rokling
Project founder
Andrey Tsirulev
Technical director
Jack K. Wulff
CEO, Artplant
Trond Vidar Johansen
Morten Larssen
VP publishing
Maxim Pushkar
Tools and R&D lead
Ilja Chubarov
Lead client programmer
Alexey Antropov
Graphics programmer
Anatoly Shorin
Gameplay programmer
Max Kashubo
Gameplay programmer
Peter Rocchio
Lead game designer
Karstein R Ersdal
Game designer
Olivier Chateau
Game designer
Aleksander L Larsen
Community manager
Daniel Stakhovskiy
MD Artplant Russia
Ivan Koren
Lead artist
Joachim Barrum
Art director
Daria Rodionova
UX artist
Valerii Kriazhev
3D artist
Alexey Suvorov
3D artist
Valentin Pantyukh
3D artist
Yuri Faktorovich
3D artist
Sindre Børresen
Andrey Ashirov
System administrator


Øyvind Pedersen Jr.
Blockchain strategist
Frode Aschim
CEO, Ether Capital LTD
Kenneth Eriksen
Digital marketing executive
John Kavanagh
Games industry executive



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