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team - strong team

mvp - yes

idea - interesting 

competitors - few 

market - #real sector

Dec 1st 2017
8 months ago
Jan 10th 2018
6 months ago

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ParkApp Pay is a Smart-City platform of an automatic decentralized payments the driver could make behind the wheel.


Token Sale launch is scheduled to run from the December 1st till January 10th to continue further expansion to USA market.

We are supported by the Facebook and Microsoft engineers, also by the USA Ford Motor Company advisors, and founders of 2 rather successful ICO’s (Propy and SONM).

ParkApp Pay


We’re launching an automatic on-board parking payment system. “ParkApp Pay” puts payments on a blockchain to decrease the number of unfair fines and citation.


Often, the payment transactions for municipal and commercial parking are being lost, faked, not verified or under the argument due to a range of factors, including the human one. The best examples of this are Paris, New York and Moscow. It happens even to transactions made via on-street parking machines. Drivers face an inability to appeal against a fine when they’ve actually paid for parking. Another example is troubles getting the own car back from the garage due to a loss of a paper receipt or central parking server errors. 


We provide the “ParkApp Pay” solution, payments without driver’s involvement.

Our automatic parking payment system is being integrated into vehicle's on-board computer of our car manufacturing partners and connected to a treasury account. 

A parking session starts automatically when system receives a set of parameters needed to confirm that the driver isn’t in a traffic jam or light.  

The payment automatically stops upon the departure. 

Municipalities, parking on-street equipment vendors, carmakers and companies with corporate vehicle parks are interested in cooperation with “ParkApp Pay” solution.  



Eugene Liebermann
Alexander Husev
Sergey Baev
System architect
Max Ryzhkov
iOS developer
Eugene Pavlyuk
iOS developer
Nadya Chebykina
CMO, business development
Al Diaz
Ambassador of ParkApp in NY, NY, USA


Oleg Gusihin
Tech Leader at Ford Motor Co, Detroit, MI, USA
Max Gritsenko
Senior IT manager at Ford Motor Co
Vlad Isenbaev
Security expert at Facebook HQ, Menlo Park, CA, USA
Menn Alexander
Mentor, Smart City expert
Natalie Karayaneva
CEO at Propy Menlo Park, CA USA. Oxford Graduate. Smart City expert


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