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bookmark6.5 /10
team - good team
mvp - yes
idea - usual
competitors - some
market - #forecastingsystem
Apr 19th 2018
3 months ago
Jul 7th 2018
16 days ago

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The foundation of the ORIS.SPACE project is an intuitive forecasting system: the ORIS mobile app, in which existing and well-known components are have been combined into a new configuration. The result is a unique technique for accessing the human subconscious, which is used to create reliable, relevant, and easily verified profiles of people. The ORIS.SPACE project, is the first to give profile owners the ability to make money themselves from their profiles by answering questions from various market research organizations and opinion polls. They can also take advantage of a range of other services, from forecast exchanges and bookmaking offices to questions drawn from everyday life. ORIS.SPACE is more than just a platform for organizing prediction markets, social research and gaming algorithms. We switch the mind of people from Person-Consumer to Person-Value ideology.


Alexandr Ozerov
Co-Founder, Head of Technical Department
Alexandr Kolokhmatov
Co-Founder, ORIS application Developer
Galiya Akhmetzhanova
Co-Founder, Financial Director
Kuanysh Omarov
Valentina Pyankova
Marketing Strategy specialist
Andrey Poltoratskikh
Brand Project Manager
Abulkhair Shakharzatov
Marketing Manager
Yerlan Zhanakov
Roman Kabenko
Head of Software-engineering Department
Katerina Yermakova
Yasmin Alpiyeva
Marketing Manager


Ildar Gert
Scientific consultant
Irina Kudritskaya
Psychologist, ORIS app developer


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