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Apr 16th 2018
4 months ago
May 28th 2018
3 months ago

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In conditions when online trading has became truly massive, accurate structured descriptions of goods are no less important than advertising. In reality, any investment in advertising can be devalued by only several errors in the description of the properties of the goods.

The lack of detailed descriptions of the product is one of the most obvious problems in the modern online trading.

Insufficient description of the product leads to the fact that the buyer chooses to buy that product on the trading platform, which is more in accordance with the requirements of the buyer.

If the product description contains errors, the store risks its reputation, caused by the dissatisfaction of the buyer, especially after the goods are already sold.

A small online store often just doesn't have enough employees, who are able to put the catalog of goods in order.

As a solution, various sources of descriptions are used, which on the one hand does not guarantee the correctness of the information, and on the other hand, in most cases, do not solve the issue of the legality of using these data.

At the same time, if at the initial stage of development of online trade was sufficient simple text description, nowadays this is not enough. Search systems are increasingly moving away from the concept of "text search" and more passes to the intellectual search, which is based on the knowledge bases, formed from structured data (firstly, supporting standards of data schemes with

On the other hand, SEO experts are convinced that the use of such structured data acquires the character of necessity, and it can provide the long-term competitive advantage that is the goal of search engine optimization.

Most of the major Internet platforms in one way or another are already using such structured data, but for many reasons (and, first of all, lack of complete data) is very limited.


Gennady Nedorezov
Aleksej Jerenkevic
Sergey Antipov
Technical Director
Dmitry Divitay
Head of the backend department
Ilya Ivanov
Head of the frontend department
Pavel Pochivalin
Head of the UI/UX department


Natalia Petukhova
eCommerce expert
Oleg Luchkov
Business expert
Dmitri Nesterov
Business expert


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