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Oct 10th 2017
8 months ago
Dec 10th 2017
6 months ago

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Open Longevity web platform will save your life using tokens!

No one in our world dies of old age. Everyone dies from diseases. In order to prevent a disease it is important to monitor one’s health status and to identify processes causing the disease in advance.

That sounds obvious but in real life, it’s not that simple – people do not want to visit hospitals and doctors can only diagnose problems which already exist.

Open Longevity project offers a solution to this problem. Based on the results of studying somewhat 70 000 scientific publications our team has developed an aging diagnostic panel.

People are already getting tests based on the panel and learn about the risks of heart attack, stroke, Alzheimer's, diabetes, cancer and other diseases. Then gerontologists give advice on dieting, sleeping, exercising, taking medications and vitamins.

Now, to turn what we have developed into a fully-fledged online platform, to start using Artificial Intelligence and to connect doctors around the world we take our project to ICO. Our tokens are called YEAR as they will give users added years of life.

Global demand for e-health, which is Open Longevity’s field is on the continuous rise. Biotechnology is still one of the fastest growing segments across the globe along with the AI, IoT, AR and VR, smart cities and cars. Annual growth rates range from 43 to 200% depending on the segment.


Mikhail Batin
Dmitry Veremeenko
Science advisor


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