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Jan 15th 2018
5 months ago
Jan 15th 2018
5 months ago

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What is it ONNCOIN and what the project will do ?


ONNCOIN is a peer to peer network technology finance payment made for the users without intervention of third parties such as banks or the government. There are no intermediaries or other institutions that are required to process the transaction. ONNCOIN is the cryptocurrency to change the world of finance in the future with low cost.


Network running without having a central server. It is easy to use and allows you to benefit from blockchain technology. It means that the money can be sent from A to B in a matter of seconds, and low cost.


All transactions are anonymous. Every user can see every transaction in the blockchain. It is common to all people. But it's not showing the transaction performed by the who. This is known and a new technology that revolutionized the entire financial system. There is no other institution like the government which is necessary to send money from A to B.


Coins for all people, please read the whitepaper for more information.

Technical Specifications



Total supply : 30,000,000

ICO supply : 11,000,000

Pre-ICO : 10,000,000

ICO Round : 1,000,000

Decimal places : 8

Mining Pool : Yes

Algorithm : X11

ICO date : January 15, 2018

Price :

Start Pre-ICO $0.1

ICO ROUND 1 ( $1 )

Time zone : California (UTC)



The ICO will be divided into two parts, namely Pre-ICO and the ICO round.

Pre-ICO will begin on 15 January 2018 with a ration of 10,000,000 and ICO round will begin on 16 March 2018 and is divided into 10 round with the sale of the 100,000 coin each round.



Lend to invest your own ONNCOIN to get daily profit from management ONNCOIN. Lend is an opportunity to get daily profit on ONNCOIN. This impressive concept for passive investors and for those who want to enjoy daily passive income.

No fixed daily interest rates can be guaranteed. The maximum interest rate 40% per month on your investment. When the contract expires then the investment funds will be returned in accordance with these terms & conditions.

You can invest ONNCOIN coins on the platform of the loan from your dashboard. This investment option allows you to profit from ONNCOIN trading bot and volatility software. This bot buying and selling ONNCOIN automatically.

You will receive a profit daily based on your investment. You will receive your capital back with profits in the following graph. You can take capital from ONNCOIN lending platforms or re-invest each time.



With ONNCOIN interesting refer and affiliate program, you can earn extra Bitcoins by telling other users about this opportunity and report it to the ONNCOIN the community.

We offer a bonus program that allows you the possibility to get more for every new user that signs and join to ONNCOIN lending platform using your affiliate link.

ONNCOIN affiliate program is designed with 1 favorable rate to earn additional commission with each counterparty. You will earn a commission each time a referral lend ONNCOIN on our platform through your affiliate link. With the rest of the bonus you get a commission from every flower your partner will get (every day). The commission you earn is based on the level of the signs of your partner.



15.01.2018 : Pre-ICO start

16.03.2018 : ICO the first round

27.03.2018 : Program Lend Start


To complete the roadmap check out the official report.




Ivan Ivanov


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