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Jan 1st 2018
6 months ago
Jan 31st 2018
5 months ago

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OFID is a blockchain-based decentralized identity verification platform that offers low-cost identity verification services to users. Built on the blockchain technology and augmented by features such as encryption and authentication, OFID significantly enhances security and privacy while removing inefficiencies. Not only does it provide reliable IDV services, but it also rewards users participating in the ecosystem.

Differing from existing technology solutions, OFID’s proposal is to implement a secure chain to protect user’s information in all aspects of Identity Verification, which includes Blockchain, Trusted Computing, and “Open Algorithms”. OFID is committed to creating the safest and most reliable blockchain-based identity verification system.

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Richard Liu
Co-Founder & CEO
Alex Yi
Yangwei Li
Chief Scientist
Water Liu
Chief Blockchain Architect


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