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Dec 1st 2017
8 months ago
Dec 31st 2017
8 months ago

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The world's first blockchain option in Oil sector

The project to implement the world's first financial blockchain product in the oil and gas sector - the derivative ODMCoin combines advanced technologies in the field of finance and industrial production of equipment for processing oil drilling mud. Oil Drilling Mud is a liquid, paste-like or solid waste that is a mixture of oil (oil products), a solid phase (soil and ground particles) and water. The sources of mud formation are: - the processes of hydrocarbon raw materials extraction (drilling muds are formed and located in mud pits), - storage and oil refinery facilities (mud or sewage are stored in sedimentation tanks), - accidental spills (oil contaminated soils are formed). In any case, such sludges (or muds) are considered as waste and a source of problems associated with the need to deal with their disposal. Average content of the substances in oil sludge: 10 - 60% hydrocarbons; 30 - 80% water; 1 - 50% mineral impurities.

Advanced technology

Advanced technology of processing oil sludge "waste" as raw materials, developed by our scientists, allows to get from it building material, electricity, fuels.The system of purification of drilling mud fluid on the drilling rig consists of 3 steps of cleaning. The conducting of the well is conducted in the mode of "sumpless" drilling. The principal advantages are: catalytic process provides stable composition of gas mix, stability of management of heating of working cameras, the set composition of fuel with prevalence of C18-C19 fractions in the main product, the deep purification of gas from impurity during catalytic process and condensation, reducing the toxicity of exhaust gases from accelerating cameras. The correction of fuel characteristics is due to the dripping on fractional composition and combustion heat.

Benefits of crowdfunding contributions in ODMCoin

Contributor can enjoy 5,5% return from owning this option (approximate average monthly return); ODMCoin derivative is backed by real product which can withstand currency volatility due to stable price of a contract for oil drilling mud processing; Social benefit concludes green technology development for cleaner hydrocarbons extraction, launch of new financial instrument and decentralization of funding in oilfield service company for the first time ever.

Aspect of green technology in the project

This project is intended to use and enhance green technology to reduce ecological impact (in processing zones) associated with waste disposal, reduce environmental risks during prolonged activities on oil sites. Key difference of this green technology solution is its ability to process and refine various industrial wastes. Given processing technology can be used on any other large oil extraction sites in Russia and across the world. This technology is easily scalable and commissioning in any country will take up to 6 months. Contributors will be offered to exchange ODMCoin options for company shares when first financial audit report is generated after company had successful IPO. ODMCoin project on success will solve problems related to quality of life, environment and wastes disposal.


Aleksandr Doronin
Oleg Novikov
Oleg Novikov
Vladimir Kuznetsov
Head of production
Fanil Yusupov
Head of IT sector
Victor Matvienko
Deputy Director of development
Michael Czechanski
Deputy Director of Finance
Irina Barjac
The head of the press center
Vasily Vasilkov
Representative in USA


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