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team - mid-level team
mvp - no
idea - usual
competitors - many
market - #Platform #AI
May 1st 2018
2 months ago
Aug 24th 2018
in 2 months

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Presented in the form of timelines, NWS.One service will show information received from One.Platform in an easy and understandable form.

Using Machine Learning, the platform will be capable of self-learning and analyzing information flows, which will help to show hidden connections between obtained facts and historical background for their change. 

Those algorithms, joined with modern technologies, will allow to transparently filter obtained information from false facts, thus becoming a base to create an everyday tool for reading news, understand them, discuss and gain access for expert analysis and independent observers opinion.


Vasile Budeanu
Oleg Budeanu
Denis Palaiciuc
Devop Engineer
Aaron Edell
Machine Learning Algorythms Expert
Irina Dubinschi
business development manager
Tatiana Iascova
Community manager, Software tester


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