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bookmark6 /10
team - mid-level team
mvp - yes
idea - usual
competitors - many
market - #Platform #Booking #Travelling #Hotels
Jun 1st 2018
2 months ago
Oct 1st 2018
in 2 months

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Creation a Blockchain platform on hotel online booking eliminating middleman commissions and covering 20% of the market that will double by 2030 exceeding $1 trillion in volume and thus outperform major rival online travel agencies (OTA). As of today the value of fees OTA’s withdraw  from the market exceeds 80 bln. By 2030, the value will exceed 250 bln per year. We makes it possible to remove middlemen and return this wealth to the hoteliers and travelers: cut travellers’ costs up to 30%


Dmitry Lyutiagin
NOMAD Founder
Oleg Kulikov
Evgeny Sheremet
Business development
Artem Sorokin
Finance and Investments
Alexey Andreev
Strategy and Business development
Maxim Karelin
Strategic planning
Alexey Nebotov
Abab Founder, Blockchain developer
Alexey Borisov
Front and back-end developer
Ivan Borisov
Ethereum and Plazma developer
Sergey Prilutskiy
Blockchain developer
Yuriy Vasilchikov
Blockchain enthusiast
Aleksey Makeev
Developer and architect of high-loaded systems
Jackson Kelley
EOS developer


Ross Lukatsevich
Business adviser
Eugene Luzgin
EOS adviser
Nicolas Villemin
Travel adviser
Gábor Molnár
Travel adviser


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