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Oct 10th 2017
9 months ago
Nov 17th 2017
8 months ago

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An open online computer driven asset management pl

It will enhance the traditional model by improving its governance through smart contracts’ implementation. DAF (Decentralized Autonomous Fund) gives access to robust contribution strategies on any real or crypto assets, unboxing their cryptocurrencies and diversifying their contribution returns

NPX will be a master fund, collection 85% of all performances fees of all DAFs created now and in the future. As such, NPX token intrinsic value will be driven by the followings:
• Performance generated on contribution made in DAFs
• Performance and Premium Fees collected on each DAF.
One NPX may be divided by 100, so that it is possible to own 0.01 NPX.

Pre ico is the 10 October. Only eth adresson greenlist can invest with 30÷ bonus.
Ico the 23 October.


Stéphane IFRAH
Arnaud DARTOIS (PhD)
Jean-Charles DUDEK
Stefan DUPREY (PhD)
Alexandre COUTOULY


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