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Oct 24th 2017
8 months ago
Nov 24th 2017
7 months ago

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We are pleased to invite you to join and participate in our Project 

PRE-SALE ITO of the GRAFT token (symbol: GRAFT) is due to start on the 24th of November 2017

 Our Project " Nanomodified Polymer Powders & Composites"is the world`s first industrial scale project based on the proprietary GRAFT-POLYMER technology


Practical feasibility of the Graft Polymer project provoke no doubts and is based on: 


      Very experienced project team (with excellent engineering and scientific background).

      Solid Intellectual Property (estimated fair value 187 mln USD by “Swiss Appraisal”).

      Safe, Logistically Developed and Predictable Project Location (EU, Slovenia).

      Strong Business model with well-elaborated Financial and Marketing plans.

      Credibility from Investments Funds (provided Seed Fundraising -1.5 mln Euro).


To make additional capitalization for the Project we decided to use ITO (Initial Token Offering) by issue tokens GRAFT with the modern blockchain technology platform

A total of 225.000.000 (Two hundred twenty-five millions) tokens GRAFT have been issued, additional emission is excluded. 

Accepted for payment -OPEN.BTC.


All the details in our PROSPECTUS and WHITE PAPER (see link below)


From the beginning, we have been keen to make sure that our entry to the space is not driven by an up-front request to collect funds, but rather by proof of our intentions, intuitions, and capacities in this industry. 

I invite all interested parties to join our GRAFT, where you can stay updated about the rounds of ITO and other matters.

Here’s to yet another stepping stone towards a more balanced and decentralized future!


Sergei Mashukov


Victor Bolduev
Roby Zomer


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