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team - good team
mvp - no
idea - usual
competitors - many
market - #Entertainment #Platform
May 7th 2018
a month ago
Dec 9th 2018
in 6 months

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'Myrillion' is focused on developing a decentralized ecosystem transversal to entertainment business areas. Making the honors with the music industry as target for its first ICO, Myrillion's prime goal is to build a community able to share, appreciate and create professional and individual connections in the fairest, most reliable and transparent way among entertainment circle and users.

Myrillion wants to promote and improve: 

- automation in professionals contractual agreements
- creation of digital currency to simplify financial transactions
- providing new user experiences, (for example, payment of "tips" to artists) .
- improving the monitoring of the traceability of intellectual works."


Yann Dib
Founder & CEO
Nicolas Kadri
Investor Relations Manager
Farid Mansouri
Sébastien Larose
Project Manager
Antoine Detante
Blockchain Architect
Dan Pariente
Sales & Partnerships Manager
David Iachetta
Nicolas Bekourian
Nicolas Lerègle
Legal Officer
Bertrand Amoussou
Sport Specialist


Santiago Casariego
TF1 Music Director f
Fabrice Croiseaux
Infrachain Chairman
Philippe Bouaziz
Prodware Chairman


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