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bookmark6 /10
team - mid-level team
mvp - no
idea - usual
competitors - many
market - #cryptoexchange
Mar 10th 2018
3 months ago
May 14th 2018
a month ago

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Monanex is a bitcoin exchange platform with FIAT operations built on modern technologies. In Monanex exchange you can trade anonymously - no identity or documents needed (* Only for fiat operations). Total privacy and anonymity ensuring your identity. No daily withdrawal limit. Monanex exchange have a low trading 0.01% fee with ETH & BTC. With Monanex coin you can trade with 0% fee. For ICO contributor 0% fee in all trading currency assets. Monanex the first cryptocurrency exchange offering Coins into Fiat on current market's prices - 0% Fee.



Steven Davis
Co-Founder / CEO
Michal Koper
Co-Founder / Financing operations
John Herndon
Co-Founder / Partner relations
Liam Mercer
Co-Founder / Blockchain expert


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