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Dec 7th 2017
7 months ago
Feb 14th 2018
5 months ago

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New, Rebranded, and Improved. Mithril Ore is a novel token in multiple ways.   Ether-backed and pooled.  Ready for Casper staking.  Limited token-mint.  Token-buybacks/consolidation into limited edition rare concentrated ether-backed tokens annually. Collectible tokens. 


Laura S. Hopkins
Chief Executive Officer
Matthew K. Steehler
President, Mithril Ore Board of Directors
Michael Mintz
Director Strategic Planning, Executive Advisor.
James Scribner
Chief Financial Officer
Lawrence 'Buc' Brown
Chief Technical Officer
Andrew Lubahn
Lead Marketing Specialist
David C. Hairston
Director Management and Marketing
Jeremy Gifford
Senior Technical Engineer
Tyler C. Cooper
Corporate Management Supervisor


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