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Oct 13th 2017
a month ago
Dec 1st 2017
in 12 days

Mithril Ore is backed by 100% of the ethereum contributions from this sale. All of the ethereum from the tokensale is pooled and cold-stored. Metropolis is over. Casper is up. Mithril Ore creates an ether pool in preparation for 'Casper' that can be staked. It also retains more than its baseline intrinsic ether value in that there is limited coin mint, in combination with our proprietary endeavors. Consolidation of tokens akin to stock buy-backs will be annually option for concentration of shares and rare collectible tokens.


Laura S. Hopkins, JD CEO
CEO, Legal Advisor
James T. Scriber, MD MPH
Matthew K. Steehler, MD FACS
Creative Director, Philanthropy, Advisor
Michael Mintz
Entrepreneur, Multiple Successful Business Endeavors
Tyler C. Cooper, MBA
Business Administration, Business Management
David C. Hairston, MBA
Management, Marketing Director
Jeremy M. Gifford, AIT
Technical Analyst, Security, Coding Specialist.
Lawrence L. Brown, AIT, MCP MCTS
Security, Coding and Implementation Specialist.


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