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team - good team
mvp - yes
idea - usual
competitors - no
market - #emergencymedicalservices
Feb 24th 2018
5 months ago
May 3rd 2018
3 months ago

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MEXC Initial Coin Offering (ICO)is a unique creation of utility token for the users in the EMS industry. The players in the industry would use the MEXC Token to purchase patented, and patent-pending equipment and services to save lives. The MEXC Token would have its own eco-system from the use of the token to purchase, as well as a peer-to-peer (P2P)marketplace, called MP2P Exchanger, for the owners of the MEXC Tokens to exchange the tokens with other tokens, or fiat currency. This is supported by our own unique P2P exchange system that empowers them to do that, without incurring high cost and other limitations.

The MEXC Token is created to fill the gap in the Medical industry, especially by using Blockchain technology for transparent, immutable records and secure transactions. He ability to trace all the actions taken during emergency services is quite vital, especially for the insurance industry for non-repudiation. Research and Development in this field is quite expensive and expansive in nature. We hope that MEXC Tokenscould democratise the usage, as well as the development of new products and services at a lower price point than it is now. Appreciation of EMS price in the marketplace can ensure that further development of new products and services is not illusion anymore, but could be achieved when everybody is collaborating through ecentralisation.

At $6.8 billion USD per year, we are addressing a huge market potential where no financial institutions could facilitate the capital needed to address the industry, especially when aiming to making affordable EMS products and services.


Abd. Razak Mulok
Chief Executive Officer
Hisham Ismail
Chief Technology Officer
CP Chong
Financial Controller
Iszam Kamal
Legal Advisor
Ricky Chan
Manufacturing Specialist
Oscar Rodrigues
Manufacturing Specialist
Gevorgyan Habet
Medical Technologist
Irwan Hanafy
Senior Creative Director
Hafidz Moro
Head of Marketing, Communications
Ray Mascob
Head of Social Media
Hafiz Hasmin
Support Specialist
Nurhayati Nordin
Support Specialist


Prof. Dr. Abu Hassan Asaari Abdullah
MEXC Patent Owner, Products Inventor, Father of Modern Emergency Medical Services
Dr. Bobi Prabowo, Sp.EM
President, Association of Emergency Specialist Indonesia
Dr Omer Al Sakaf
Director of Medical & Technical, Dubai Ambulance Corporations
Dr. Tanveer Yagdir
Medical Research Specialist, EMS
Dr. Omran A M Fadol
President of SEPA. Sudan HOD Emergency Medicine IMTH. Khartoum


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