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Nov 21st 2017
7 months ago
Dec 19th 2017
6 months ago

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«Uberization» affects all the new segments of the market. For example, in 2016 Uber extended to food supplies with UberEats and carpooling with UberPool, while Airbnb presented Trips, to increase its influence at the tourist market.

 Metta platform makes the next step forward: it introduces the block-chain technology in the relation of the service provider and a customer. It aims:

- to propel seller-buyer relation to a new level with equal conditions for both sides. The service quality, but not the advertising budget becomes the key factor to make a deal. Clear payment system, based on smart contracts and automatic responsibility accept guarantees reliability of the services and allows to focus on the most important aspect — obtaining high-quality services or goods for competitive market prices.

- to get true reviews. Only real client can comment on the service provided. The reviews will be stored in the block-chain forever. They cannot be deleted or corrected. You can always apply to the review writer with a built-in messenger.

- to store authentic history of the service object. For example, repair and breakdown history in the case of car repair services.

In this document, as the entry point or the initial segment, the market for car services has been selected: repair, spare parts, maintenance, sale, lease and exchange of cars and motor vehicles.

 In the future we are planning to expand to such popular segments of the offline services as: - medical service; - renovation, rental, selling and maintenance of the real estate; - repair service for home appliance, smartphones, computers, etc.;

Offering terms


ICO pre-sale



Start: 20 Nov. 2017
Finish: 19 Dec. 2017

Start: 1 Jan. 2018
Finish: 1 Feb. 2018

Offering size

8 895 539 METTA tokens (10,4%) to be sold at special Pre-ICO price.
1 342 ETH (~$402,5K)
Pre-ICO is considered successful if more than 409 ETH (~$131,5K) collected, otherwise all the funds are transferred to pre-ICO participants.

50 789 861 METTA tokens (59,6%) to be sold.
13 818 ETH (~$4,1M)
ICO is considered successful if more than 3105 ETH (~$1M) collected, otherwise all the funds are transferred to ICO participants.


1 METTA = ~0,000150 ETH
1 METTA ~$0,045 (on date 2017/11/16)
Average discount - 40% to ICO-price
1 ETH = 6 630 METTA

1 METTA = 0,00027 ETH
1 METTA ~$0,082 (on date 2017/11/16)
1 ETH = 3 675 METTA

Offering security

METTA tokens are issued for investors only.
Investments will be returned if less than 409 ETH (soft cap) will be collected.

Investments will be returned if less than 3105 ETH (soft cap) will be collected.

METTA tokens of Founders are non-transferable upon ICO completion – locked for 6 month through a smart-contract function. 


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