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bookmark7 /10
team - strong team
mvp - yes
idea - interesting
competitors - low
market - #travel
Mar 27th 2018
4 months ago
May 21st 2018
2 months ago

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MeetnGreetMe is a global ecosystem where every traveler can request services tailored to their travel needs and budget. Delivered by resourceful local people and paid via blockchain enabled peer-to-peer payment system.

Combining peer-to-peer interactions and advanced analytics we aim at producing highly personalized behavior-based offers and radically changing a way people approach the process of planning and arranging their travel-related tasks and activities.

Adapting the blockchain technology will allow MeetnGreetMe to have its own means - MeetnGreetMe crypto-token - to incentivize contributors and reward the activities connected with the platform growth and development.

MeetnGreetMe crypto-tokens are aimed at fuelling MeetnGreetMe ecosystem. Besides, the blockchain enabled payment system will allow to exclude a costly middleman from the money transfer process in future, make it transparent and convenient for the parties regardless their geographical location. Today people from some countries have to refuse the opportunity to become MeetnGreeters just because of unreasonably high transfer fees.



Elena Shkarubo
Co-Founder and CEO
Nick Vyhouski
Co-Founder & Product designer
Andrew Gaidukevich
Co-Founder & CTO
Ilja Satchok
Software Engineer
Anna Bobekh
Digital Marketing Manager
Lizaveta Dovgalova
UX/UI Designer
Katya Klishchuk
Community Manager
Aleskey Ladutska
Front-End Developer
Lizaveta Dejkun
Customer Happiness Manager
Hanna Zhyhar
Business Development Manager
Dmitry Dudin
Full Stack Web-developer


Ben Malpass
Les Clefs d’Or Concierge United Kingdom
Anton Kulichkin
ICO Angel, Blockchain Enthusiast Russia
Dmitry Dudin
Full Stack Web-developer
Dmitry Pytko
CFO/COO, SolbegSoft Belarus
Ryan Schefke
Founder and Revenue Performance Specialist, Lead Liaison
Pierre Yurow
Silicon Valley veteran and active Angel Investor


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