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team - very strong team

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idea - interesting 

competitors - many 


Nov 29th 2017
8 months ago
Dec 1st 2017
8 months ago

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Media Sifter is the Fact-Based news platform on the blockchain. A decentralized digital platform bringing evidence back to the media, to fight against fake news.


Our news aggregator gathers all the perspectives in one place, creating a transparent, impartial setting where people can make up their own mind. For authors, it is a fresh opportunity to earn rewards for investigation and accuracy. For readers, it is a trustworthy, ad-free space to get to the bottom of the story. We are replacing the attention economy the internet is built on with the evidence economy, a system that provides economic incentives for people to investigate and fact-check content. This economy is underpinned by our SFT token - the access token to the evidence economy, which allows readers to subscribe to content, and contributors to earn rewards for their content and investigations.

To do this we developed an open source, stand-alone blockchain protocol called
The SIFT Protocol, which aids in sourcing and validating evidence from the global crowd. The Media Sifter Platform is the first application to utilise this revolutionary protocol - the engine behind the evidence economy.

Ahead of our main ICO due to take place in 2018, we are holding a one-off Seed event with the team as part of their Playoffs event on November 30th. Early supporters will receive a 100% bonus on their contributions! For more information please sign up here.


John Ferreira
Founder & Product Lead
Cyrus Clarke
Content Lead


Lisbeth Kirk


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