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Nov 11th 2017
7 months ago
Dec 12th 2017
6 months ago

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Mainasset is a business simulation program, that models business processes occurring on the market by means of artificial intelligence and allows Users to earn ETH.   

The main aim of the program is to teach the basics of business decision-making, which would be very helpful for gaining experience and understanding the principles of market functioning. Mainasset is focused on practice and allows the User to learn how to operate effectively and efficiently.

The User can create and run his own business by means of our strategy game simulation. All businesses in the cryptoworld compete and are interconnected through an up-to-date mathematical model, that operates step-by-step. The cryptoworld changes in response to the decisions made by Users. Only clear and well-known terms and conceptions will be used in the game process. People of different cultures from all around the world can take part in our strategy game.

Mainasset gives the User an opportunity to make the dream of becoming a businessman come true in the virtual world.

Our ICO will be divided into 2 stages:

  • the pre-sale stage (pre-ICO) November 2017

The goal is to attract 1500 ETH for prototype implementation and ICO provision, including the creation of a correct jurisdiction, informing and attracting investors to the ICO, the development of a proof-of-concept prototype, the development and audit of the Dapp «Mainasset Exchanger» and the Dapp «Voting». (1 MAS = 0.001 ETH)

  • -          the ICO stage February 2018

The goal is to collect 25,000 ETH, with 20,000 ETH to ensure the liquidity of the MAS token. 5 000 ETH - will be spent on development. (1 MAS = 0.005 ETH)


A total amount of 10,000,000 MAS tokens will be issued, including:

  1. 5 000 000 MAS - will be sold within the ICO at a price of 1 MAS = 0.005 ETH;
  2. 1 500 000 MAS - will be sold within the pre-sale with a discount of 80% (1 MAS = 0.001 ETH);
  3. 500 000 MAS - reserved for bounty;
  4. 3 000 000 MAS - reserved for the development team, incl.
  • 1 000 000 MAS - distributed among the founders of the project
  • 2 000 000 MAS - fund for the Mainasset development


You can get a MAS token in following ways:

•          by participation in the pre-sale and ICO,

•          by purchasing it on the crypto-exchange,

•          by ensuring the functioning of Cryptoworld as a blockchain-node,

•          by purchasing it in the mobile application for a fiat,

•          by mining: every blockchain-node owner receives a reward depending on the number of requests he processed

Let’s take part in pre-ICO 😊

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Product website:

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Stas Sorokin
cryptoworld architect
Sergei Fedostsev
operations manager
Daria Sachs
marketing communication manager
Aryana Yugay
Maxim Korovin
front-end developer


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