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team - small team
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Mar 15th 2018
4 months ago
Apr 19th 2018
3 months ago

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A Decentralized HUB - Where Anything is Possible.



LuuiHUB is the global open ecosystem for Freelancing, Gaming, Marketplace, Partnering, and Exchange based on the blockchain technology. LuuiHUB will unite all platform of this market: gamers, freelancers, marketers, partners and exchangers for the sake of development a new decentralized blockchain HUB where anything is possible.

LuuiHUB creates a community of professionals working together on projects and at the same time earning the LHB token as reward for work. LuuiHUB takes into consideration the rate of population growth and the gradual increase in internet literacy, and the fact that the freelance industry is bound to grow further. In fact, it is estimated that the industry could grow to $10 billion

annually in the next six years. This, therefore, means that there is an inherent need to undertake measures to curb some of the challenges faced by freelancers presently.


The blockchain technology is experiencing increased attention worldwide, more people are getting to know and use this technology, more platform, digital assets services are being developed daily for various purposes. This leaves majority of users confused, not knowing which platform to use a particular token for purchase of goods and services beside trading it for other cryptocurrencies in an exchange to gain profit. Majority of users don’t want to hold these tokens on a long-term basis because of lack of utility. On many occasion this limits the project growth and therefore decrease its value.


LuuiHub is offering a one-stop ECOSYSTEM completely decentralized for getting anything done. You can Work, Earn, Play, Shop, Connect and do much more. LuuiHub is launching with 5 platforms on its Hub, for Freelancers, Gamers, Partners, Shoppers, Traders. All you need is a luuiHub utility token to get anything done. Buy items from the marketplace, upload, download or play games online, sell your product, trade other cryptocurrencies, hire freelancers etc. You simply should hold some amount of LuuiHub token to operate in the ecosystem. Many other platforms can connect to the platform through the API.




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