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Nov 7th 2017
7 months ago
Dec 20th 2017
6 months ago

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About Lordmancer II

Lordmancer II is a multiplayer free-to-play online roleplaying game for Android and iOS. The game is already in open beta testing. Android client link iOS client TestFlight request

Usage of Token

Lordmancer II encourages using of a cryptocurrency token named Lord Coin (LC) as a payment method for player-to-player trades, facilitating sales of unique or rare game content. LC tokens enter the game economy only after they were purchased at a cryptocurrency exchange. They can be taken out of the game afterwards and sold for a cryptocurrency. Game studio will provide players not familiar with cryptocurrency world with convenient ways to purchase LCs for fiat currencies.

Players will be able to trade on an open game market using LordCoins (LC) as a payment method. Whenever an LC transaction occurs, the game will charge a commission of 20%. Half of it will be burnt and the other half will move to a special Ethereum wallet named "Game Funds". Game Funds tokens will be used by the game studio to fund its operations: marketing and server costs, support of players. Burning of a fraction of LCs with every in-game transaction provides for: Constant demand for LCs on the open market Bullish price pressure on remaining LCs


Ilya Mikov
Anton Telitsyn
co-founder, CEO
Petr Klepcin
team lead
Andrey Zobov
lead designer
Alex Onuchin
game designer
Anton Semakin
2D artist
Eugene Kostarev
server developer
Maxim Skrupski
client/server developer
Ildar Fasckhetdinov
client developer
Marsel Atnyashev
client/server developer


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