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team - mid-level team
mvp - no
idea - usual
competitors - many
market - #Platform #Marketing
May 28th 2018
24 days ago
Jun 10th 2018
11 days ago

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Your customer is your advertisement.

LICERIO is a platform where brand is advertised by customers by reposting advertising materials in social networks and as a reward they can get a discount for an item of goods/services equivalent to the number of collected likes. The system is based on Blockchain technology with its own cryptographic LCR Token.

Advertiser creates an advertising campaign that has settings for his own target audience. When creating his advertising campaign, he specifies what amount of tokens he is ready to spend.

According to the exchange rate of LCR token, the platform calculates what number of likes and views advertiser will get.

Besides that, the advertiser specifies maximum possible discount as well as cost of one “like” for his customers.

A potential customer is reposting advertising materials into social networks. The platform collects accumulated “likes”, avoiding any ways of cheating.

According to the amount of collected “likes” and the cost of one “like” set by advertiser, the system calculates discount size for customers as well as converts “likes” into tokens of which system`s commission fee will be written off.

The platform will give new opportunities for Internet-marketing, reduce operating costs and involve guaranteed customers into your business.

The platform can easily interact with online shops via widgets as well as with real business segments by using mobile applications for customers and advertisers.

Besides that, the platform is available for webmasters who want to monetize their web-sites` traffic, offering their customers service of our advertisers. Webmasters get rewards from the commission fee paid by advertisers for their customers.

One of platforms options is involving customers by means of geolocation. If an advertiser doesn`t want to wait for his customer, he can get customers who are located within the range of 800 meters from his point of sales.

Customer starts LICERIO mobile application. At “Discounts beside you” tab a map displaying advertisers who are connected to the platform will open. The farther customers is from an advertiser, the larger discount he will get when he comes to a point of sales.

First of all, this feature will be useful to advertisers that are located at such places where there is no big customer traffic. This discount won`t be added to the discount that customer will get by reposting advertising materials.


George Markov
Founder & Senior Developer
Vitaliy Orehov
Co Founder
Evgeniy Orehov
Commercial Director
Roman Gerasimov
Head of Marketing
Elina Kraselnikova
Powerful UI/UX Designer


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