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team - good team

mvp - no

idea - interesting

competitors - medium

market - #cryptocurrencytothemasses

Oct 4th 2017
9 months ago
Jan 4th 2018
6 months ago

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The KredX DAPP will connect Cryptocurrency to more than 2.2 billion potential users. A new decentralized Private Cryptocurrency and Digital Wallet designed with first time Crypto-users in mind. Additional features include: Decentralized Social Network, Multi-Currency Wallet, Cryptocurrency Exchange, Blockchain/token creation platform, E-Shop, Crypto-Checkout, GPS Map, P2P Marketplace and An Encrypted Instant Messenger. Created with future IOT developments in mind the KredX Team are giving you an indispensable tool that will serve as your life partner, linking you directly to the future using a dynamic platform based ecosystem.


Daniele Ronchese
Head of Blockchain Development
Neeraj Pandey
Head of App Development
Gabriele Ronchese
Head of Marketing
David Rees
African Ambassador
Raff Ronchese
European Ambassador
Adarsh Tripathi
Brand Manager
Reetesh Gupta
Sr. PHP Developer
Ankit Agrawal
Sr. Development Team Leader
Vinay Gupta
Sr. PHP Developer
Aman Bhaskar
Sr. Java Developer
Ashish Agarwal
Digital Marketing Manager
Deepak Singh
Sr. HTML Developer
Rahul Jaiswal
WordPress Developer
Aman Mishra
Sr. PHP Developer
Prashant Singh
Sr. Android Developer
Rohit Pandey
Sr. Graphics Designer
Nikhil Singh
Sr. Web Designer


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