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team - mid-level team
mvp - no
idea - usual
competitors - many
market - #cryptocurrency
Mar 8th 2018
4 months ago
May 2nd 2018
3 months ago

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KeepSafePay is a blockchain project that merges Bitcoin cryptographictechnology with advanced security and high­end privacy features. KSP technology has been developed from scratch this allow us to adapt the coin to the special needs of our clients by implementing unique functions.

In addition KeepSafePay offers a robust platform that will allow all users to consume and exchange their KSP coins through our merchant providers. All of these features together with our developed platform will benefit the adoption of the coin and its long term reliability.

In this generation of public and private keys, KeepSafePay uses the most robust algorithm in digital signatures ECDSA (Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm) secp256k1. This is the same algorithm used by Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies, together with the ECDSA the SHA256 algorithm is used to generate the hash and checksum.

KeepSafePay has combined the most secure privacy and security features ever released by maximizingthese algorithms with its unique block to block verification developed algorithm, which makes KeepSafePay one of the most secure crypto technologies in the market.

Each individual node of our BlockChain uses the TOR network with the objective to provide absolute anonymity when conducting a secure keepsfePay network transactions. TOR network is an onion routing based network its main objective is to provide an alternative routing mode than the traditional used one, according to their developers “TOR network is a group of volunteer­-operated servers that allows people to improve their privacy and security on the Internet.

Tor's users employ this network by connecting through a series of virtual tunnels rather than making a direct connection, thus allowing both organizations and individuals to share information over public networks without compromising their privacy.” basically, Tor provides transport layer anonymity and 100% secured connections for Keepsafepay transactions.

To enhance the scalability, KeepSafePay optimizes the performance of the Blockchain, by implementing a compression algorithm of its own, which main objective is reducing blocks sizes up to a 60% within each transaction.

This compression system solves one of the current biggest issues in Bitcoin blockchain which is the scalability of transactions that can cause the delay in hours or days before the confirmation comes through.

KeepSafePay offers a web based wallet that facilitates purchase and transfers. Proof of stake algorithm along with our unique structure allows us to provide an online wallet without any additional need of software download for the mining, every transaction will be online.

Having a web based wallet system sustains the anonymity feature by protecting third parties who watch the usage of your IP address. In addition, setting up yourown wallet can only take a couple of minutes and will also allow you to have instant internal transfers that will keep our users from waiting on blockconfirmations.


Alex Villalobos Ramirez
Master in finance with ten years experience in latam markets.
Anthony Díaz
Backend developer with more than 10 years of experience, Project Manager in PoweredBet.
Andrés Fernandez
Programmer with 5 years of experience in the web area.
Milena Duque
Marketing and Languages mayor with a vast experience in different branches of online market industries.
Elvis Garcia
Design specialist, with more than 7 years participating in web projects in latam.
Gabriela Montoya
Gambling specialist accountant.


Jorge Diment
Alan Burak
Get in Events Owner
Daniel Gadea
CEO at Panorama Soft
Rafael B Plata
CEO at PG Soluciones
Gerardo Alcega
CEO at DotWorkers
Jorge Gomez
CEO at Latam - MG
Pablo Quirós
CEO at QvoTech Ltda


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