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team - small team
mvp - no
idea - usual
competitors - some
market - #Electronics
Apr 8th 2018
2 months ago
Jun 1st 2018
19 days ago

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The Kash Hardware Wallet

Kash is introducing an innovative, multi-currency, wearable hardware wallet, the Vault 1.0 along with an intuitive, user-friendly, compatible software wallet. As cryptocurrency moves towards mass adoption, so does the threat of hacking by cybercriminals. Our hardware wallet, the Vault 1.0, is the solution to storing your private keys on a secure device. Our hardware waller is not your average wallet. We are the only company thus far to introduce wearables to a hardware wallet. 

The Vault 1.0 is our first rendering in a long line of successive hardware wallets that we plan to introduce to the market. They key feature of the Vault 1.0 is that it can be stored like the typical hardware wallet available today or transformed into wearable. It can be worn on the wrist or neck with our sleek silicone wrist and neck bands. The wallet supports 12 of the top currencies by market cap, with more that will be added in the future. The desktop wallet function without the Vault 1.0, allowing easy access to your funds, while you control which funds to store and keep in your vault. 

Participating in the Kash token sale comes with the added benefit of becoming a Kash Member. Kash members receive a 20% bonus on their contribution in the token sale every month for one year, discounts on Kash products, and voting rights regarding the direction of the token such as exchange listings and new features on Kash products.

Our token sale starts April 8, 2018! Invest early to receive a bonus on your contribution. 





To learn more about our hardware wallet and token sale, visit our website follow us on Medium and Twitter for up-to-date information about our token sale.






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