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team - small team
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idea - usual
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market - #platform #finance
Apr 16th 2018
a month ago
May 20th 2018
7 days ago

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The ongoing trends of blockchain technology applications impact many small to large corporations and are disrupting various industries. At the frontier, JWC Blockchain Ventures Corporation (JWC) establishes the first decentralized platform for venture capital investing with two missions: 1) connecting the two worlds of Venture Capital and blockchain along with other advanced technologies i.e. Artificial Intelligent (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Big Data and 2) offering crypto-investors of any size a potential high return of investment through a transparent mechanism of investing in a pipeline of new disruptive opportunities in both equity and token investments. JWC aims to be one of the most active pre-series-A/Token generation event (TGE) Venture Capital investing in tech innovators that answer the needs of crypto communities and can deliver solutions that positively disrupt specific industries. JWC can assist our invested companies to drive growth inflection in the defined markets, to deliver strategic partnerships and operational high-growth support, and to enable high value M&A, IPOs and TGEs in EMEA, APAC and US regions. JWC looks for early-stage ventures with a focus of a set of vertical industries. We provide both finance, advisory and toolset support to create the highest leap for these companies. To our investors, transparency is no longer a myth with JWC, thanks to the blockchain technology.


Frank Saviane
General Partner, Europe
Luca Mohammadi
General Partner, Asia
Luan Nguyen
General Partner, US


Matthew Brandt
Venture Investment Advisor
James Sowers
Blockchain Advisor
Sheraz Majeed
Health Care Blockchain Advisor
Henry Nguyen
Agriculture-Biogenetics Technology Advisor
Kenneth Tran
AI, ML & Big data Advisor
Nathan Williams
TGE Advisor


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