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team - good team
mvp - no
idea - usual
competitors - many
market - #Platform #Marketplace
Jun 21st 2018
in 12 hours
Jul 12th 2018
in 21 days

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Joys Team is a synergistic unity of like-minded people, professionals and partners. The part of the Dinect and Rate & Goods companies employees has become the main core of the team. We have already managed to create a working platform, which provides JOYS payments reception for goods and services even before the ICO. Now we have to connect the reception of other crypto-currencies and create the infrastructure in many countries. It’s our belief that we are able to do this, because many members of our team have great experience of implementing similar tasks.

Joys allows you to use the crypto currency as a payment for part or the full cost of goods or services. Such transactions are legal, since the platform fixes them as a discount in accordance with the rules of the loyalty program or marketing action offer, similar to miles, bonuses or discount coupons. At the same time, fiat money also remain relevant for all stores. Joys gives merchants the ability to accept crypto-currency in addition to their existing payment methods.

Blockchain and crypto-currencies will change the world, and the Joys team intends to participate in this, offering at the first stage an easy-to-use platform for  making payments for purchasing in any store using any crypto currency.


Andrey Mikhaylishin
CEO, Founder
Sergey Zhdanov
CTO, Back-End Developer
Vladimir Tolmachev
CVO, Payment System
Alexander Shamyan
CCO, Investor Relations


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