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team - small team
mvp - no
idea - usual
competitors - low
market - #omlinepublisherseconomy
Apr 7th 2018
2 months ago
May 7th 2018
a month ago

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Joint Ventures is building blockchain applications for online publishers. Our aim is to create an economy for online publishers that rewards every participant of the network, including authors, commenters and advertisers alike, and minimize third-party commissions.

Joint Products & Roadmap

Our first product is designed as a commenting solution, created for the benefits of both publishers and commenters. Joint commenting solution will run on websites with millions of monthly visitors, enabling a new token economy where publishers will be gaining Joint tokens based on the quality of the content.

This will be followed with our other in-line products; Ad Exchange, Content Discovery and Affiliate Platform. All of these products will run on Joint token which is an erc-20 based token that will be tradeable on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges.

Our goal is to use the proceeds of token sales for creating a global content ecosystem that follows the principle of collective growth.




Ahmet Arslan
Latif Çakıroğlu
Zeki Kavrazlı
Publisher Acquisition
Cevdet Süer
Gülseren Arslan
Advertiser Acquisition
Umut Can Yurt
Head of Growth
Ali Çavdar
Full Stack Developer
Cem Yalçınkaya
Marketing Specialist
Emre Ceylan
Lead Developer
Batuhan Güngör
Software Developer
Eyüp Kayadarçin
Software Developer


Koray Gültekin Bahar
CEO @ Foriba
Şencan Özen
Founder, ReklamStore
Sami Can Tandoğdu
Alper Mat


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