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Jul 23rd 2017
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Aug 6th 2017
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Blockchain research scientist

investFeed is the world's first cryptocurrency social network built on the Ethereum blockchain. Our technology has proven itself successful across multiple asset classes and use cases at the world’s most advanced financial levels. Our diverse team of capital markets, cryptographic research, and technology development skills focuses every day on our goal of building a superior product that will change and improve how our clients and the markets will interact. We are building the next generation of financial markets technology and we are seeking talented, motivated professionals that want to be part of this once-in-a-career opportunity to not only see, but also drive the incredible changes coming to global capital markets.

investFeed is the fastest growing social community that takes your stocks, news and discussions and brings them to you in one beautiful experience. This is the stock market made for the next generation of investors. investFeed is built around your interests and your network of friends and people you know. The Blockchain Research Scientist is responsible for developing proposals for innovative systems, protocols and data models that solve real-world challenges, implementing proof-of-concepts, conducting performance, scalability, security and reliability studies in concept and production systems, and authoring technical documents, white papers and patents.

Despite ongoing disruptions in the financial industry, 52% individuals lack the confidence to participate in stock investing, either because they don’t trust the market or their ability to play it correctly. Yet, stocks are your best protection against the ravages of inflation. By bringing together veteran and aspiring investors, we believe that the stock market can truly become a more efficient source of wealth creation to all.

We believe that technology can help mitigate the risk associated to investing. Our proprietary analytics and reporting tools leverage data from verifiable investors to gauge market sentiment, create actionable insight, and predict trends and future events. We give every investor the tools they need to make informed decisions and maximize performance. Stock indexes are currently the only way for investors to measure their performance. We believe this is inaccurate. The best benchmark for investors is other investors. Our social indexes validate your market performance by comparing your track record to similar investors, real-time. This promotes positive behaviors towards stock trading, including competitive spirit and self-motivation. Their product integrates with your brokerage account to track every trade. We give you immediate access to the performance and portfolio of every investor who connected their brokerage account.


Ronald Chernesky
Andrew Freedman
Clayton Lambert
Software engineer
Tarryn Valle
Financial consultant
Justin Jovanovic
Director of business development
Gary Ross
Legal Council


Toshendra Sharma
ICO advisor
Gary Dmitriev
Technical advisor
Ken Uryu
Technical advisor


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