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team - good team
mvp - no
idea - interesting
competitors - some
market - #Platform #Charity
May 19th 2018
a month ago
Sep 25th 2018
in 3 months

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As a trusted government partner of the Ministry of Finance of Malaysia, Incitement has received numerous awards, such as Forbes 30 Under 30, Top 100 Real Leaders, Social Progress Awards, UN Habitat Award, Zyed Energy Prize, and many more. Inpactor is an initiative of Incitement, a social business with seven years of industry experience implementing CSR projects across the globe for some of the world's largest brands (Pepsico, L'Oreal, CIMB, FedEx, BP, SWIFT, and many more). Inpactor is the world’s first portal for the Corporate Social Responsibility sector - connecting Brands to Causes to Volunteers, allowing them to easily create and implement social projects. Inpactor aims to enable corporations and Brands to use CSR as a foundation to grow their business upon, while at the same time creating reliable, transparent, and measurable social impact.

Inpactor is a platform for the next-generation of Corporate Social Responsibility powered by the blockchain addressing 5 key issues in the industry: financial transparency, reliability and accountability, impact reporting, ROI on social impact, governance. Inpactor is a platform built by Incitement, a trusted partner of the Ministry of Finance of Malaysia and proud partner of of some of the world's biggest brands (Pepsico, L'Oreal, FedEx, SWIFT, BP, CIMB, and many more).


Daniel de Gruijter
CEO, Cofounder
Zikry Kholil
CCO, Cofounder
Iman Sedighi
CTO, Cofounder
Nicole Lin,Yasir Khan
Director of Social Innovation,Finance & Legal Director
Christian de Gruijter
Marketing Director
Ioana Lupa
Director of Global Events
Naithan Weigh
Lead Blockchain Engineer
Rojin Maljaei
Lead UI/UX Designer
Altaf Rana
Senior Back-end Developer
Farbod Saraei
Lead Front-end Developer


Thomas Marzano
Global Head of Brand Experience, Philips
Mark Rozario
Chief Executive Officer, GE Malaysia
Lajuanda Asemoto
Director Diversity & Inclusion, Singularity University
May Wong Mei Ching
Manager Group Communications & CSR, Taylor's Education Group
Brian Lim
VP Solutions Design & Delivery, Proudfoot Consulting


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