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Dec 23rd 2017
5 months ago
Apr 1st 2018
2 months ago

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Why we need Token crowdsale

In 2018 we will attract 900 000 new customers, improve our service, and help investors increase their money multiply. To do this we'll need to improve our infrastructure and technological solutions. Means attracted at tokencrowdsale will enable us to introduce the required technology updates, connect new liquidity providers, increase transaction execution rate, get the best assets prices, offer lower fees, and a deeper he smaller commissions, deeper blotter. Considerable part of the means will be spent for attraction of new customers with the minimal attraction cost thanks to using reliable channels established over the years of work.


- Placing the servers in "Equinix" data center, where the majority of the largest liquidity providers of 1st and 2nd levels are located, will create a secure and high-rate customer order execution system. 

- Integration of data centers in London, New York, and Tokyo by the local network will make the company the market leader in providing minimal ping between the important nods. 

- Customer order execution within less than 20 ms enables to use high-frequency strategies and arbitrage. 

- Connection of all popular platforms including MetaTrader 5 makes the trading process convenient and opens brilliant opportunities for quick and cheap optimization of processes including full automation of the trading strategies.




- Aggregation of liquidity from all largest exchanges will enable to offer the best prices, the lowest fees, and the deeper blotter. All these features create an ultimate solution for satisfying the needs of the largest customers. 

- Connection of any liquidity provider through API according to the needs of any customer gives an access to all exchanges and financial instruments, going beyond the cryptocurrencies market.





Cryptocurrencies and transactions therewith rise in popularity every year. While Bitcoint cost about 1 000$ in the beginning of 2017, its price exceeded the value of 17 000$ at the end of the year.

Investments into cryptocurrencies became popular. And the number of people willing to buy them grows daily. But it is not so easy as it may seem at first sight.


Today there are three main ways for buying cryptocurrecnies:


1. Exchange offices


Nowadays it's one of the most popular ways for purchase of currencies. However, it has some lacks:


•   high fee (15-20% on the average);

•   exchange rate of cryptocurrencies is unfavourable at exchange offices;

•   limited choice of currencies (a promising cryptocurrency may be not presented there).


2. Stock exchange


The second way is services of cryptocurrencies stock exchanges. But it has certain lacks as well:


•   stock exchanges work with a limited number of payment systems, which complicates purchase of cryptocurrency for customers from the different countries;

•   sually they have a difficult interface; besides, the customers have to spend much time to pass verification before exchanging;

•   many stock exchanges do not offer the functions of account replenishment and purchase of cryptocurrency using a bank card

•   when working with a stock exchange the customer faces the fees for charging/withdrawal of money, percent for purchase of cryptocurrencies. On the average, the costs of work with a stock exchange exceed 10%.


3. Indigo DMA


Indigo DMA is the first broker offering exchanges of any monetary unit for cryptocurrency. We have taken into account all problems of exchange offices and cryptocurrencies stock exchanges and have embodied an excellent solution of them at our company.


We offer convenience, transparency, speed:


•   purchase of cryptocurrency with the minimal fee - the fee will be charged for conversion and won't exceed 7% with all costs;

•   simple and handy interface - registration on the site won't take more than 2 minutes of your time;

•   you can use any way for replenishing your account including cards, electronic wallets, etc.;

•   account can be replenished with any monetary unit: roubles, dollars, euros.


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