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team - good team
mvp - yes
idea - usual
competitors - some
market - #hardware #helicopter
Apr 1st 2018
4 months ago
Oct 1st 2018
in 2 months

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Do you know that helicopter is much more affordable than you think? And have you ever thought that helicopter can save not only someone's time but someone's life?

This project can easily prove it.

I'M AERO is a specialized aviation enterprise engaged in the design, development and production of unique manned and unmanned aerial vehicles. The aim of the I'M AERO  is to create a series production of ultralight aircraft that meet the needs of the population at the level of everyday use, like as well as to meet the challenges of private business and the demands of government agencies. We are an existing innovave production, unique design coaxial scheme of propellers and experienced manufacturing of electric models and unmanned aircradt system.


I'm aero's helicopters and vehicles can help with:

1) Leakage problems in the oil sector and related sectors

2) Problems with monitoring of long objects in heat and energy complex

3) Problems in medical logistics in many regions of the world

4) Low transport accessibility of some regions of the world: Indonesia, India, the African continent, the Middle East, the Russian Federation - the Far East.

Don’t miss an opportunity to take part in it!



Alexander Kosachev
Founder. CEO.
Daria Volkova
Co-founder, head of marketing.
Sergey Mikryukov
Founder. Technical Director
Boris Gubarev
Chief Designer
Boris Podnebesnov
Project Manager of Helicopter R-33
Alexander Mikhailov
Specialist in highly responsible products.


Alexander Onikienko
ICO expert and investo, Consultant
Viktor Belov
Dmitry Kulikov
Ilya Khanykov
Nik Bezhko


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