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Jun 11th 2017
a year ago
Jun 26th 2017
a year ago

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They started out as just a small website. We funded the initial iDice house bankroll with a small amount of Ether from our own pocket. Two months later, we've become the fastest growing blockchain gambling game with $450K in winnings and counting. We will also be the first to enter the mobile sector. As a result, the house is only able to accept small bets. We find that players are constantly betting the maximum amount of Ether (3.5 ETH) on our beta release app. We have received numerous requests to increase our maximum bet. With funds from the crowdsale, we will be able to increase the house's bankroll and player's max bet. Players will be able to bet and play more on iDice, allowing investors to reap greater profits.

With no marketing budget, we have been unable to spend money advertising our platform. With this crowdsale, we will use funds to advertise and release news about our platform and increase its popularity drastically. Investors will see greater returns as iDice grows in popularity. Furthermore, development has costs. We need to hire additional developers and team members for mobile development and legal coverage. Funds raised will help hire additional team members to work on our iDice mobile platform, and move the Beta release into its final stages. The interface will be redesigned, along with additional visual and performance improvements. Ethereum is rapidly expanding in market share, and so is iDice. With your investment, we will be able to take our iDice project to a higher level. Investors will receive iDice tokens, which give you to a share of the profit on iDice. Tokens have value too, and can be traded for Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.


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